Sculptural Knotted Bags

Sculptural Knotted Bags
Jan 2023

The Kara Ultraviolet Exploded Knot Armpit Bag is a wearable art piece with a sculptural knot design. The bag stays true to the accessory label's edgy signature aesthetic -- one that fuses fun and functional design details.

Available in two colors -- a royal purple and a cream white -- this knotted armpit bag is roomy and comfortable to wear, featuring a soft, puffy satin construction. The bag is sold with a removable mesh zipper pouch that is ideal for storing important items like keys, phones and wallets and measures 9" H x 14" W x 4" D in size.

Kara's Ultraviolet Exploded Knot Armpit Bag is also fully knotted by hand and is an artful statement accessory that shines best when paired with more minimalist apparel.