Custom Office Soundscape Systems

Custom Office Soundscape Systems
Art & Design
Jan 2023

The PinDrop system delivers custom office soundscapes that seek to "auralize" the workplace during the design process. This helps architects and designers make informed decisions about the spatial design, interior furnishing, and acoustic treatment of a project, which comes in handy. The innovation is described as "a sort of a music-studio control room and mastering suite that can take digital architectural models and the specifications of acoustic materials to create precise aural representations of what a space sounds like."

The system of custom office soundscapes was developed by the environmental engineering firm AKRF. The company is currently utilizing the innovative PinDrop service for a number of projects. These include clients who are looking to change up the office space by "ditching open plan and adding in a mix of heads-down workstations, small meeting rooms, and larger collaboration spaces."

Image Credit: AKRF