Closet Essentials For New Moms

Closet Essentials For New Moms
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Jan 2023

Pregnancy is quite a thrilling journey women get to experience in their lives. Along with the changes that pregnant women go through, they have to make plenty of preparations for the upcoming baby. During the process of pregnancy, women often tend to overlook their own needs as new mothers. So, we have curated a list of things that every mom should have once they have their baby. Some of these items are necessities, while others are nice to have if you can afford them.

Maternity/Nursing Bra
The first thing on the list is a good maternity bra. These are incredibly important for the following two reasons:
1) They actually fit right
2) They have those handy clasps in the front so you don't have to pull them over your head.
During your pregnancy, your breasts increase in their size and that necessitates you to invest in a good maternity bra that you can wear throughout pregnancy. They are convenient and come in really handy during your breastfeeding journey.
Breast Pump
Next up on the list is something that every mom can use - a breast pump. Everyone's breastfeeding journey is different. Some mothers get into the process of breastfeeding really easily while others struggle. While both experiences are normal and valid, the breast pump comes in handy in both cases. It saves new mothers plenty of time as they can use the pump to store milk for later usage. A breast pump is also great for those times when your baby is sleeping and you need to get some work done or take care of other things around the house.
If you're a working mother or a single mom and immediately need to get back to work after the birth of your baby, the breast pump will be a lifesaver for you. It also minimises milk wastage.
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Maternity Pants/Jeans
Every mom needs at least one good pair of jeans in their closet. It's hard enough dealing with postpartum issues without having to worry about how your body has changed and looks in different clothes. Jeans or maternity pants are great comfortable options for new moms. Having at least two pairs of jeans in your closet is optimal - one dark and one light. You'll be able to wear these when you're going out with your baby and will feel great after giving birth since they don't put any pressure on your midsection or hips.
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Long Frocks/Flowy Dresses
New moms often go through severe discomfort and difficulty while looking for clothes that fit right. Long frocks or lengthy flowy dresses are great options. They are not only comfortable but the fabric is also breathable. A beautiful floral summer dress will make you feel beautiful as well as make it easy for you to move around. Dresses are a closet necessity, especially for new moms who have gone through a C-section birth, as the loose fabric lets the stitch heal without causing any friction to it.
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