Attractiveness AI Tool Programs

Attractiveness AI Tool Programs
Apr 2023

MSCHF introduces its new AI tool dubbed the Hot Chat 3000 to connect users with prospective interests. Before speaking to anyone at all the tool uses artificial intelligence technology to tank one's attractiveness on a scale of one to ten. The score will be able to determine who to speak to and it is based on machine learning that is trained by OpenAI. The company trained the app to generate data from two sources -- SCUT-FBP5500 and hotornot.com
MSCHF speaks about the project in a statement, noting that "Beauty standards do exist and machine learning models trained on vast amounts of data inevitably learn them. Attractivenesstest.com, for example, appears to rank images of blonde children disproportionately at the top of its attractiveness scale. Yikes."
Image Credit: MSCHF